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  • 10. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    Seriously moaning about people boasting about their achievements?


    Just for the record in my opinion KD ratio describes what kind of player you are.


    Negative KD players are usually new players, or quickscopers


    Low KD players are usually SnD players or mindless rushers.


    High KD players are usually players that move tactically around the map, not just running around like a headless chicken.


    Oh by the way I just got a quad kill with a frag I'm going to tell all my friends.... < see im bragging.



  • 11. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    My K/D in Black Ops was around 1.60 something, and on here it is currently 1.53. But like me, the people on BO who brag about their "high" K/D were either doing 1 of 2 things:


    1.) They were playing Ground War.

    2.) They were plaing HeadQuarters.


    I mean, on this game I can go about 40K/10D on Headquarters. So this is what they are getting their high k/d from.

  • 12. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    If you're proud of your stats fine. Doesn't matter whether is kd, no. Cap, defends, wins, a good clip etc. every body is proud of some aspect of their achievements. Some celebrate quietly, so out loud......it's all fine to this gamer. I'm more the keep it to yourself type...oh...why not....I pleased with my win ratio on Dom. I love to cap and don't care about kd. Thx for the thread.

  • 13. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    Rage much?

  • 14. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    The only problem I have, is that I play with a couple of guys who are so concerned with their K/D that they will dashboard if they're doing poorly.  Me?  I don't really care.  I just want to have fun.

  • 15. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    Top 10,000 FFA, 3.5 k/d.


    2.33 k/d overall


    3.5 w/l ratio


    22% accuracy


    And keep in mind, my connection is better than 92% of the U.S., so I have some pretty insane lag in just about EVERY GAME.


    I can haz brag now?

  • 16. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    you forgot that k/d matters in tdm but i play kill confirmed and my kd is 3.32 and my win ratio is 2.62 so i think i can brag about my k/d since i actually win and your win ratio is prolly negative to go along with your terrible k/d...umad?

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    Until I can take my KD to the bank, or get laid for a high KD then I don't give a shiltz. I mean really, KD?  It's a video game. Entertainment. I don't care if your proud but some punk trying to talk shiate about a video game stat!  Lol...sorry. I care about w/l because I run with my clan most of the time. Otherwise it don't bother me none. Hell, I run solo games where I try to irritate people with riot shields, shotties, and/or akimbo mp9's with a knife. It's fun that's why. When it's starts to be about stats is when it loses the fun factor. Dash boarding for stats?   get real loser. It's padded like your tampon or maxipad.


    Don't care about KD and like to have FUN on PS3!?!  Add me and you can join us...[1GuN]

  • 18. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    For the record, you can't dashboard in this game. At least as far as I know.

  • 19. Re: Your k/d can suck a ****

    I flat out don't give a crap about KDR. I've been playing FPS games since Delta Force on the PC in 99. Objective based games have ALWAYS been a joke. No one ever played for the objective. No matter the game type it was always a "team deathmatch" environment. Since this came along (in the MW series anyway) I've decided to give it a try again and love it. There have been (Domination) matches where I go 2-30 +......but I'm in first with 3-4000 points in one game and 99% of the time in the lobby leaderboard, I lead over all in points/captures/defends by at LEAST 2X the second place player, even if they're 2nd-3rd prestige (Im at 1st, level 43)


    I am very thankful that I'm no longer pigeon holed into playing FFA, or in BLOPS HC FFA. (I went all 15 prestiges doing nothing but that unless I needed some Pro-perk that required another mode)


    The point is, every one is good in their own way, but this KDR thing is just out of hand with kids thinking that's all that matters any more.

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