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Last Stand


Heoolo Again MW3.

This is a Demand to MW3 Patch Folks:


When i put someone in Last stand and a team m8 gets the kill i get 20 Points ?


No no no


Learn from Black Ops: When I Put a dude in second chanse and a team m8 kills him, he should get the assist not me..
I earnd the kill (u know what i mean), not my team m8 !


Thx !


Guess other have the same issue !

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    It's because the guy doesn't get a death until he's blead out. Last stand counts as you making your last stand and not being dead yet. Black ops last stand was a perk, not a death streak.

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      stfu darthbryan. royalgard is absolutely right and we don't need retards like you trying to obscure the simple point that the DOWNER deservers the KILL. If they heal then that's different, obviously.

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        What I said made perfect sense. The downer didn't finish the kill.


        A deathstreak is supposed to help you break the streak, so you don't get a death.


        In Black Ops, it was a perk after every down, and every down still counted as a death even before they were bled out.


        Use some reasoning. They both did it right.

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          Still when i put a dude in to last stand he kills me and a team m8 fires 1 shoot and he dies. He get the Kill and 50 to 100 points ?


          No no: That is not fear..

          I did 99% of the job!

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            But in last stand, if the guys doesn't get bled out, he walks away with no death. I get assists all the time. This isn't really that big of an issue. It's a matter of opinion and there are way bigger things to complain about.


            Plus, you did most of the work? LoL, this game doesn't require 'work'. It's ****en easy.

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          er.... "and every down still counted as a death even before they were bled out."


          you are 100% WRONG ... NOBODY got a death or a kill BEFORE they bled out...... how much did you play ops?!??!


          they have to DIE for you or anyone to get the kill...... they can lay there and nobody gets the kill til they die, if they were revived they NOBODY got a kill or death....