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how long??

how long do you stay in a game or even keep playing the game period when you see on your screen you let off shots on somebody and look at the kill cam only to see you didnt even shoot one shot, you are spawned only to be in crosshairs of a enemy, campers sitting in corners, insta deaths, and idiotic teams. i find myself turning on the game only to turn my xbox off 5 minutes later because every game have atleast two or all of these problems constantly

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    What I found works well is to change your play style ASAP during that game. Sometimes it will start off great and turn into what you described. If you do this and stick with it, you will most likely come out at least even or positive instead of negative in your K/D. I know, the anger can be overwhelming at times (I have experienced it too) but perseverance helps keep you from quitting every couple games. Hopefully it will get better but something tells me that.....it may not.

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      yeah its real hard for me to change my gameplay as i am an adapter, so if the other team is camping i pull out the rocket launcher class, if i got rushers i rush with them but its nothing you can do to adapt when someone is lag comp or if they are constantly being spawned behind you