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Many Suggestions from a group of people Regarding Black Ops 2


Hello everyone,

I made a video on Youtube asking people of what they want and don’t want in the new call of duty and here is what we came up with.

A lot of suggestions were made but I have taken the most important suggestions hoping that you guys can reply by disagreeing or agreeing and telling us what do you think about them.



     1.    No nuke or MOAB. In cod mw3, the way people get MOAB in infected it is so ridicules.


     3.    Don’t we deserve some maps for free? At least if you ever considered calling out old maps please make them for free.

     4.    Would the company ever consider adding new weaponsto the updates or DLC?

     5.    The same emblem and titles in MW3 but you have the option to customize from 1-5 emblems

     6.    Revive perk. The ability to revive downfall teammates.

     7.    At least one vehicle.

     8.    Different type of knives.

     9.    Many people enjoy sniping. Why they don’t add one sniping mode to the playlist.

     10.  At least 1 small map in the size of Rust.. So people can have the chance to play one on one.

     11.  Improvement of the Clan system.

     12.  If the company ever tried to bring Kill confirmed game pleaaaaase remove the tactical insertion in the game. Some people put it and try to get killed      so they take their tag and get 250 XP.

     13.  No Last stand or final stand perk.



     1.   I saw many people reach the level 100 but the zombies got so powerful that you can’t even kill them with entire ammos. What about making extra upgrades after the level 100 so people try and reach this level.

     2.    I would to see more than 4 players in the zombie survival mode.

     3.    I heard that they will be adding new zombies. I am just hoping that they are not only bosses; I am hoping that we see different zombies on certain levels.

     4.    I see different characters but would it be great to see different specialization with each character?

     5.    I think it would be nice to upgrade your weapon to level 3 in zombies mode

     6.    Optional characters in zombies mode.