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    Calm down buddy. This time its different, maybe your not enough intelligent to understand but this time we PAID EXTRA MONEY to get those maps earlier.. I subcribed to elite the first day the game went off on the market...THE WORST  MISTAKE I'VE EVER MADE..Now what, i can play lone wolf ops? (sucks) i can put a title, wow! Call of duty is loosing a lot of people, for what? because its an american game.. -.- I wish the arabs would do the same with petrol, they use it first, and then they sell the extra to americans.. You know what that kind of things show me? that call of duty managers are close minded... They attracted us into something..they're getting our money. I just hope i will be in time to get all the maps ****!

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    Caveat emptor.

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    I  agree with alot of you and even more of you make valid points. The main issue i would have would be xbox non pemium member getting access to the dlc; before ps3 premium members.That  would make me outraged and disgusted that i paid to be screwed over.

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    It has already been announced that PS3 Elite users get the DLC on the 28th.  Non-Elite Xbox users receive the first map pack in March.

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    Do not forget the larger problems at hand, such as the original cost of the game related to the small amount of original maps, the reaccuring cost of elite membership, and the desire for all game manufacturers wishing to utilize game codes to regulate the resale of game titles, essentialy eliminating the used game market.  If everyone would just not participate in Activicion's Elite subscription, and refuse to purchase upcoming map pack releases, we would stand a pretty good chance of controlling the marketing, cost, and distribution of games and game content.


    For $60 I expected more maps, and I am disgusted that as a paying customer, I would be subject to scrupulous policies with the sole objective to aquire as much money from me as possible.


    We all love MW3, but go ahead and add up the cost of the game, a years subscription to the Elite service, and subsequent cost of map packs. You'll be surprised.


    So complain away, but please understand you have a lot more to complain about.


    I know it's tough, but the best way to complain is to stop buying the product itslef.

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    It's all too expensive.  Stop buying the content.

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    So Xbox premium members get 2 DLC's before PS3 premium even gets their first one? I got trolled again. -__-   FTS.

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    here is what bother"s me! It is ok that xbox get's the content first. even the premium content. what I do not like is that right now xbox elite has had a chance to test the content before it was available to purchase for xbox. ps3 does get the same. however the problem is that right now NON ELITE xbox users can buy all of the content which includes 2 multiplayer maps and 2 spec ops maps that PS3 Elite users havent even tried! I did download the first elite dlc. i love the new maps! if they will make standard non elite players on xbox wait to purchase the dlc at least a day or two after ps3 elite users have got the free dlc that would be better...but what sucks is i paid for a premium (first exclusive) membership and even though i have the first two maps...on my ps3 ... xbox users can buy all 6 maps right now! even 4 maps not available yet to ps3 premium elite members! that is bs

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    As an Elite Premium member and PS user i think that it sucks that the last maps will come out in October for us. Then the new game will come out at the begining of November. Some people say we will have a month. Well with the way they are realeasing the maps for PS users we will get the last maps the last week of October play them a week and a half then the new game. that is crap. Also if we will get the maps before non premium members they want get the last maps until after. i know that they want do that so then they will get them at the same time as premium members taking away that advantage. eventhough that want be a big deal because we will only play them for a week and a half. that again a bunch of crap. i know that xbox players are paying for this and i dont want to pay to play but PS user are getting it stuck to us hard. the last release should be in august so that gives us time to enjoy this money we are spending. they have to see that this is pissing off a lot of people but i guess they dont care because we all continue to fork out all this money for the game.

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    It dose suck that xbox get the maps befor we do (ps3 players). I paid 50 euro for the basic copy and then bought elite of another 40 euro. But i read a post on a site a few months ago and its said that xbox paid to get the maps befor the ps3 so its all to do with the money who ever pays the most gets it. On another note i have seen the two free maps the xbox have give to its players and i think activision could have done better. That is my thought on this matter

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