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Black Ops 2 Story Leaked

You assume the role of Woodsy Junior, in charge of national security. You accidentally left the keys to all of the U.S. mechs and tanks BACK AT THE OLIVE GARDEN. Russia steals the only keys (because you forgot to make copies) and they declare war on the U.S.!!!

Fear not, because as you retrace your steps back to the Olive Garden, you unite with John Marston's great great great great grandson Jacky Junior Marston. You must ride some random horses in the year 2025 (Russia also stole the keys to your car and hoverboard) to Russia's front door.

But just as you get the keys back, "WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN WOODSY??" pops into your head. You realize one thing. FRANK WOODS ISN'T REAL AND HE SET THE WHOLE THING UP. DUM DUM DUMMM.

The future is black. 11-13-12 PRE-ORDER for Jacky Juniors LEGENDARY warhorse NOW.