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Adrenaline Shot!

The cost should be the same as bowie knife, 3000, and they should be something you purchase off the wall (obviously). But, as a tradeoff, you cant knife anymore, because after you buy it, when you go to knife, instead your character quickly injects the adrenaline. You get one for every two rounds, unless you get a max ammo. What it does, is basically try to give you a boost if you're really close to death. When you inject, its effects are 15 seconds. During these 30 seconds, your speed is 1.5x times faster, and you can push through zombies (just incase they box you in) when you sprint. your health is also increased by 1.5x, because odds are, if you are injecting, you are already being hit by a few zombies. Maybe this is over powered, maybe not. Let me know if you like it, or if you dont, and let me know if maybe their are some adjustements to make to it.


- manofsecrecy