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Need a refresher? Play Knife Only!

Hey guys.


I just wanted to throw this out there for those of you that aren't having much fun in this game anymore. I hated playing for a few weeks just because it felt like I wasn't getting any hit detection and they were. A couple of my friends play Knife Only, either Tac Knife or regular melee and throwing knife, and I figured I'd give it a shot. Here's what I've learned along the way. (BTW, I play SnD.)


-Your KD is gonna get ugly. If you're all about your KD, don't expect this to help AT ALL. You're going to have bad games and good games, but it's all worth it to me. Having a 10-0 game using only your knife is the much more rewarding than using weapons and doing the same.


-You have to be more aware of your surroundings. If you're adamant about only using your knife, you'll have areas of maps you just WILL NOT want to go. Stay away from open areas and high traffic areas where you could come in contact with more than one player. Just remember, you will get better as a whole from playing like this for a while. If I use guns, I'll do a lot better than I used to. I attribute this to my higher level of awareness and tactic.


-You will have to camp more than you're used to. If you spend your games running around, you're more likely to get killed. Remember, they're using guns. You're not. Be smart and pile up the hate mail.


Now I'll give you my recommended class set-up which you can tweak however you see fit.


Primary - High Mobility Weapon (Shotgun/SMG)

Secondary - Pistol with Tac Knife or Akimbo Pistols/MP's and reg. melee

Tactical - Flash Grenades or Smoke

Lethal - Throwing Knife

Perk 1 - Recon Pro (if you use flash grenades) or Extreme Conditioning

Perk 2 - Assassin Pro

Perk 3 - Dead Silence Pro

Srike Package - Support, UAV->Ballistic vests (Knifers' best friend)


Remember, I use this for SnD. You CAN play other modes knife only, but I enjoy playing Search just because it fits my playstyle with my knife.


If you wanna give it a shot, it'll be fun. Don't expect to be amazing at it at first but you will get better. It's a high risk/high reward playstyle. Try it out with friends and see how it goes. I promise you'll at least develop better awareness, which is essential in this game.


If you have any questions feel free to reply here or message me on PSN at iiTHEiiDOCii.