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New Map idea: Highrise of the Damned


Here's my new map idea, a highrise building. You start off on a middleish floor. You can't go downstairs, as debris has collapsed and blocked the path. The only way is up! There are stairs to get up levels, and after every 3 floors, there is debris you have to buy your way through. The power is on the roof of the building. Parts of the ceiling collapse at random and block off a certain area (such as rooms with a perk) for 2 rounds before it disappears and collapses elsewhere, forcing people to be on their toes. A new gadget idea would be a bomb similar to the gersch device, but instead of sucking in the zombies, sucks debris from the ceiling onto the zombies before the debris is removed after 15 secs. I'd quite like something similar to nova zombies, but they can walk on the ceilings and then jump off the ceiling onto the player as a sneaky way of attacking the player, forcing them to look up at all times. PaP would appear after destroying the door to PaP (the door is a big bank vault type door) by bringing 3 energy spheres to a damaged Energy Turret which blasts the door apart (this can only happen once, and the turret is unusable by the players against zombies (much like using all 3 lunar landers on ascension to launch the rocket). The final feature is being able to rappel from the roof down to a lower floor through a window at random, but you have to use the stairs to get back up to the top again (or further to the bottom).



Any responses are welcome