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Elite Issues

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this is a common problem, but I have had major issues with loading classes through Elite. If I change classes in game, they won't show up on my Elite account on my PC.  Also, I pre ordered Black Ops II last weekend and recieved some sweet deals for doing so in May. One of those was a Prestige token, and then the other day I prestiged again. I use both tokens to unlock new classes, and THEY won't show up on Elite either.  Is this a glitch that is currently being fixed? Or, is it something on my end?

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    There are a couple things you could try.


    1. Try defaulting all of your classes within MW3.


    2. Unlink then relink your Gamertag/SEN ID within ELITE.


    3. Clear the cookies/cache/history within your browser. Just in case you're unsure of how to clear your cache/cookies/history:


    http://goo.gl/icX1l (IE and Firefox)

    http://goo.gl/kRni7 (Google Chrome)

    http://goo.gl/ARGU6 (Safari)


    4. After all of the above, play a few matches of MW3 then check ELITE to see if your changes have taken place.