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Heya sound bank error need some help! xbox 360*

I bought black ops 2 about 3 weeks ago everything working fine untill 2 days ago

I started getting some problems.

Sometimes the xbox 360 doesn't recognise the disc and i need to try 5-10 times for it to work,

once i reach the main menu in multiplayer, the screen lags a bit and I get an error:

'ERROR: sound bank failed to load mpl_common.english. You have a build problem." And after few seconds the screen freezes

and the xbox controller stops responding and I have to unplug the xbox.

When I access campaign i the game always freezes during the cut scene, even if I skip that it always freezes after a short period of time. I

don't get an error notice here though.

In zombies, i get the same error.

What I attempted to do:

1. Clean disc

2. Try a different disc ( fifa 13 and few older games worked fine, no errors)

3. Cleared cache, unistalled the patch, turned off xbox and did few other tweaks..

I also looked up online but I got little to no information on that particular error.

And idea what I can do to get this sorted out?