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Black Ops 2 DLC 2 - Disturbance


A new Black Ops 2 DLC has been leaked earlier today, and I will thoroughly explain.


Multiplayer Maps:


Cyclone - A medium sized map based in Samoa, Asia in the middle of destroyed towns and forests.

Link: Possible link to the Cyclone Evan.


Oasis - A small sized map surrounded by deserts and tropical land.

Link: Libya


Outcast - A medium sized map at an abandoned futuristic millitary base.

Link: Outcast synonmym for Abandoned.


Vapor - A small sized map in an underground water base.


Game Modes:


Turned - City, Bus Depot, Farm


Zombie Map:


Consumption - When Richofen is in the process of teleporting the group elsewhere, the Earth's atmosphere consumes the energy power leading to an atomic bang destroying the amazon rainforest, fight your way through the night which leaves flames, mountains, destroyed forests, atomic monsters; and the Zombies.